Body Kun

Body-kun Drawing Figure for artists

Tired of wasting time online looking for reference poses? 

If you are an artist, then you know how frustrating it can be when you can't find the exact reference image you need for your drawings. You keep looking and looking, but you never really find what you're looking for. 

This is where the Body-kun Drawing Mannequin comes in

The Body-kun (male) and Body-chan (female) Drawing Mannequins are unique, highly-flexible drawing tools that are perfect for reference posing.

An impressive mannequin, the Body-kun has over 30 articulation points, giving you the freedom and inspiration to create any pose imaginable. The Body-kun’s articulation system has been carefully designed to make sure each and every pose is as humanly realistic and authentic as possible. Whatever pose you have in mind, the Body-kun can take it.

Not only that, the Body-kun Drawing figure comes with an impressive amount of spare hands and accessories to add character to your drawings, and give you all the references you might need. 

But wait, there's more! When you purchase the Deluxe sets, you receive an extra display stand with swiveling arms that will allow you to strike literally any action pose imaginable, effortlessly! 

If you are serious about drawing, and wish to improve fast, then the Body-kun is just what you need. They look great, they are fun to pose and they're a great help for when you need some quick inspiration.


For Who is the Body-kun Drawing Figure?



Beginner artists can benefit a lot from using reference models. It will help a lot in improving your observational drawing skills, and will help you draw more convincing and realistic human poses. Mastering observational drawing is a necessary step before moving on to drawing from imagination! Practicing with the Body-kun and Body-chan everyday will improve your skills fast. And because they are so fun to pose, it's easy to stay motivated!

-Manga/Comic Artists

Even more experienced artists need reference help once in a while! When you're trying to draw more complex scenes, it can be tricky to just draw from imagination. It's always good to have a model at hand to get some inspiration for your poses. These figures are perfect for that. The display stand will come in handy for drawing movements and action scenes, and the accessories will help spice things up and more variety.

-Fashion Designers

With the Body-kun and Body-chan, Fashion Designers get an unlimited amount of ready-to-use Figure Templates. These figures can take litterally any pose you need for your Fashion sketching. You will get access to all the poses you need, right at your finger tips. No need to go online looking for reference poses, or buy expensive Fashion Sketchbooks. Just pose them exactly the way you want, get inspired, and start creating some unique designs!

-Digital Artists and Graphic designers

If you are used to drawing on tablets, then the Body-kun are Body-chan are perfect tools to have close by. Make them take any pose you want, snap a quick picture at any angle, and import the picture on your favorite software. You will have a perfect template for your work. 


Don't wait any longer and grab your Body-kun drawing figure today! You won't find these in shops, and you won't find a better deal on the 2in1 offer, so grab one today!


Due to extremely high demand, please expect 2-4 weeks shipping time (on average it's 15 days but depends on your country)